Fast Eddie

Our stout is an American Dry stout. Montana grown Barley and copious amounts of black, roasted, and coffee kiln malt makes this beer very dark but not cloyingly sweet. We then add local cold brew from Florence Coffee Roasters which if you have not tried please do. The coffee is there but doesn’t overtake the beer. We want you to enjoy coffee with your beer, not the other way around. 5.1% ABV 29 IBU

Wizard Juice

The New England Pale is dry hopped like an IPA but very low bitterness, this beer is brewed to be hazy. Nearly 60% of the malt used in this beer is Wheat with the rest being barley. Tropical fruit and citrus on the nose but very low bitterness makes it very crushable. We think it tastes like magic. 4.8% ABV 19 IBU


The building block of the wheat are barley and nearly a bushel of raw dark northern spring wheat sourced directly from the brewer’s family farm east of East Helena. Then we use noble hops, pitch as much yeast as we can to chew up the sugars and the result is a grainy/crisp but seriously drinkable American Wheat beer. Enjoy with an orange slice or without, your choice. 5.5% ABV 13 IBU


Crooked Furrow IPA uses Montana Barley, light Caramalt, and Oats to give backbone to the blend of Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Grapefruit, Mango and Blueberry notes all come from the hops in an IPA that might be a little old school but we like things that way at Crooked Furrow. 6.8% ABV 68 IBU

Mexican Lager

What exactly makes a lager Mexican? Well, when German immigrants moved to Mexico they utilized the what ingredients they could find. Corn, barley, and local yeast were used to make varying degrees of light to darker Vienna styles of beer. Crooked Furrow Mexican Lager uses those same ingredients to brew a crushable beer that has a touch of sweetness but still retains the crisp lager finish. A lime wedge is traditional but not required. Viva Mexican Lager! 4.5% ABV 21 IBU

English Bitter

Perhaps not correctly named, this beer showcases top quality malt, noble English hops, and a timeless English strain of yeast. Bready nose gives way to caramel and crackers up front and the finish is balanced with just the right bitter backbone to compliment the malt. A righteous dram and what people should think of when they think of a pint. 4% ABV 40 IBU

Bent Blade

A West Coast style IPA brimming with piney and citrus notes that is exclusively hopped with Centennial hops. Floral on the nose but not heavy on the malt. Sometimes old school is the best kind of school. This beer was named by a patron, Janel Mason, through a contest we held at the brewery. 6.7% ABV 77 IBU


Fresh mowed grass, honey, crisp finish. All the descriptors are in play for CFB Pilsner. It’s a beer that leaves you wanting to have another sip. Floor Malted Bohemian Malt, Cz Saaz hops, old world Pils yeast and that’s it. A simple ingredients list that results in a beer that is anything but. 5.5% ABV IBU 32

**Our menu changes regularly. For the most up to date information, please call the brewery. 406.422.5975